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On-Prem Customized online survey software for creating simple questionnaires or sophisticated surveys with complex validation rules, conditional logic and quota management.

Online survey software

Your data in your own hands

Do you know where your data is? Do you know other survey cloud services are selling your data? Why take the risk when you can have the flexibility of someone maintaining your survey application while you focus on creating engaging surveys for your respondents. 

Admin themes

The available admin theme templates does not suit your needs? We can create a new admin theme to completely suit your needs.

Survey themes

We are constantly creating new templates to suit your every survey needs. New question templates are created regularly

Custom logo

Easily add your logo to the templates. No advertisements from us. Your respondents are happy because they know they are safe.

Custom Survey URL

Send a Survey URL with your organizational domain name instead of a subdomain from a survey provider. Custom domain means more responses

Unlimited responses

No installation lock

Panel Integration

Save on high response cost

Choose from more than 100 languages

Create surveys in one or multiple languages, so your customers can choose their preferred language while giving you feedback. Reach out to more people with multilingual surveys. This configuration is highly convenient as it avoids the necessity of having to create one survey per language, i.e. copying the same survey for each required language. Moreover, bundling several languages in one survey with unified codes results in high comparability levels between answers provided.

All the server providers are compliant

All the server providers are ISO27001  certified. You are 100% safe, and we take care of your data with care. Act today to protect your data because it is important to you.


online survey software Market Research

Talenttic Survey is a perfect solution for professional market research.
Only when you know your customers and target markets in detail can you make the right decisions.
Our survey tool provides all the features you need to conduct efficient market research. It’s easy to use and therefore ensures quick results.

online survey software Universities

Talenttic Survey is the optimal online survey tool for research institutes, universities, and other educational institutions.
Educational institutions depend on robust environments to conduct reliable studies.
Our survey tool offers a solution that makes the technical implementation of such surveys a piece of cake.

online survey software Customer Survey

Because interacting with customers is your top priority. Talenttic Survey allows you to maintain contact with your customers at all times by conducting straightforward surveys in your own website environment.
This way, you can draw conclusions about customer satisfaction, collect important feedback and identify improvements based on data collected.

online survey software Students

Let Talenttic Survey help you obtain the information you need easily in your studies.
Whether you’re writing an undergraduate dissertation, a master’s thesis, or a doctorate – there are a lot of questions to answer.
An online questionnaire is an effective medium to get these answers. Talenttic Survey Software lets you easily create your survey in just a few minutes.