Multilingual surveys – Leverage localized surveys worldwide

Get feedback from the people who matter to you in the language they understand!

Talenttic Survey offers an enormous number of different survey languages to choose from. However, users are not restricted to selecting only one language per survey, but can rather select as many additional languages as there are.

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Choose from more than 100 languages

Create surveys in one or multiple languages, so your customers can choose their preferred language while giving you feedback. Reach out to more people with multilingual surveys. This configuration is highly convenient as it avoids the necessity of having to create one survey per language, i.e. copying the same survey for each required language. Moreover, bundling several languages in one survey with unified codes results in high comparability levels between answers provided.

Engage with your respondents in their local languages

There are more than 100 different languages available for use. Pick a local language and engage with your respondents in their local language. Increase responses by creating a multilingual survey.

Why create a multilingual survey?

With a multilingual survey, you can directly impact the responses you get from your respondents. You will be interacting with them directly in their local language, which will increase the number of responses you get from your respondents. With multilingual surveys, you can create surveys with different languages. Survey participants and customers can choose their choice of language while giving feedback.

what our application offers

A built-in facility that enables quick and easy translation of surveys. This facility is designed to make it easy for a human translator to translate a survey from the base language into any specified target language. The quick-translation tool has been specifically designed for those that work with multilingual surveys. Using our wide range of different languages offers massive flexibility and more promising results when creating surveys worldwide. The reason for this is that localized surveys offer participants more comfort and confidence in completing questions, which may lead to higher response rates. Furthermore, translated surveys can break through language barriers and transport messages more easily and more accurately. This is mainly due to languages having semantic idiosyncrasies.

Right to left language support

Automatically turn your surveys in English or another left to right language and cover your surveys into the right to left surveys.

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